Performance Calculator

This JavaScript application calculates your performance as a % of the world record speed, for any distance. For an explanation of how, please go the the information page. You can then compare distances using these %WR(speed)s. e.g. 100% is approximately the current WR, while lower numbers are slower, but approximately equivalent performances for different distances.

To calculate your performance, select or enter the distance - the list includes several standard ones including all of the WVJS Saturday courses, or you can type a distance in the box below (select miles or km). Enter your age and sex and the time in minutes, or mm:ss, or hh:mm:ss (to enter seconds, you must type 0:ss). Press Calculate to get a calculation of your pace and %WR(speed). Alternatively by selecting the appropriate option from Calculate with fixed, you can enter a pace (mm:ss/mile) or a speed (m/s) and calculate the time and %WR(speed). Or you can enter a %WR(speed) to calculate the pace and time - e.g. to find what an equivalent performance at a different distance would be, change the distance, but keep the %WR(speed) the same.

Note that the WVJS Saturday courses are not listed by their actual distances. This is to allow for a more accurate comparison to normal flat race courses. The following changes were made:

COURSEActual Distance (km)Listed Distance (km)
Douglass (2.75 miles)4.4264.475
Valle Vista (3.00 miles)4.8284.944
Farwell (3.54 miles)5.6975.796
Farwell-Horseshoe (4.68 miles)7.5327.590
Triangle (4.76 miles)7.6607.780
Short Six (5.74 miles)9.2389.444

Personal Results

The form at the bottom is used to store your results in cookies and computes averages of the age-graded results to predict future performances. To use these functions, enter a name, then for a particular race, enter the date (or other identifier) and press "Store race". Once you have entered the results of several races, "Show races" updates the table below and "Predict race" will use these to predict a result at any distance in the table above (from the average %AGE-WR(speed) of your previous races). In the future, it will make use of the date (if entered) of each race to down-weight old results. You can delete races from this list by referring to their dates and pressing "Race with date". The cookies should keep the results for the next time you return to the page, but you will have to be on the same computer using the same browser.

Distance (select) Age Sex
male female
Distance/units Time (hh:mm:ss) Calculate
miles km
Minutes:Sec/Mile (pace) m/s (speed) Calculate with fixed
%WR (speed) %AGE-WR (speed) WAVA %AGE

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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Predict Show

This calculator and the associated information sheet have been generously provided with the permission of its author, Howard Grubb. For additional information please follow the links listed below.

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