The Dick Barrett Trophy

The Dick Barrett Trophy is presented each Saturday following the club workout to that person whose performance shows just that much more grit than the rest. It is presented in the name of a former member who is herein remembered by friends….

  photo by Chris Cassell

the following contributed by Rich Stiller

Winning the Dick Barrett award always hold special significence. Dick Barrett, for you newcomers, was an old time WVJS runner who died in the early 1980’s (I believe 1981) when he suffered a heart attack.

Dick, Walt, Jim Wurm, Joe Sordi and I were the hard core donut shop attendees right after every Saturday workout. Dick wasn’t very fast but he usually ran as hard as anyone of his ability could reasonalbly be expected to. When you got all of us together, Dick was as sarcastic as anyone. He contributed to the club personality as much as anyone did.

Dick always had two chocolate covered cake donuts. That’s what he liked. Winning the award this past Saturday was great but it always reminds me of how much I miss Dick’s sarcastic sense of humor. Joe Sordi and Dick were closest friends. Joe is still around to make sure that those kidney punch comebacks are still there. Joe tells me he still misses the donut shop. In a way, I do too.

the following contributed by Rick Kananen

Thanks Rich for the opening, I have been waiting for years to win the Saturday trophy so I could pay tribute to it’s namesake and since it might be a long time before I do, here goes…

Dick Barrett was a great guy and one of the most dedicated supporters of the West Valley Joggers & Striders that we will ever have. The year before he died, 1980, he set a record which may be tied but will never be broken. He accumlated 1040 points for attending all 52 of the club workouts. Sometimes he ran and sometimes he timed, but he was always around when help was needed to do club related activities.

The last major project I worked with him on was certifying the course for the Santa Clara Marathon (which I don’t think ever took place). He & I calibrated the counters on our bikes on the Prospect road measured mile and proceeded under the supervision of Walt VanZant to ride the designated 26.2 mile course ending at Mission College. Walt was driving the car and stopping to mark each mile and then hurrying to get in front of us again so we would make the correct turns. I think that is still my “PR” for the most miles ever biked in one day.

It is good to remember your roots once in awhile and Dick Barrett was one of the best all around “good guys” the club will ever have. This Power Bar is for you Dick.