Club Workout & Upcoming Race Info

The club’s main workout is Saturday morning at 7:30 at the West Valley College Track. West Valley College is in Saratoga on Fruitvale Ave. near Saratoga Ave. It is best accessed via the 85 Freeway exiting at Saratoga Ave. and heading for the hills (Saratoga). Turn left on Fruitvale (~1/2 mile). Turn left into the college at the last entrance (S. College Circle with Douglass Ave. to the right).

The club fields Open, Masters, Senior, Super Senior, and Veteran teams for both Men and Women in the Pacific Association USATF races.

Saturday Workouts

See THIS PAGE for the current workout schedule

As a general rule, all runs will start very close to 8AM.  However, runners who average over 10 minutes per mile may run the road run at any time on the day of the scheduled run as long as they report their time to Walt Van Zant by 6PM on the day of the run.

Danny Moon can run faster than 10 minutes per mile, but because he needs to be at the finish line in order to help time the 8AM-start runners, he can use the 10-minute rules.

Non-local runners may run the track runs that are included in the Racer of the Year contest on any track, including tracks in other cities, such as Stockton, Fresno, Salinas, etc.

The 800m, mile, 3000m, and 5000m will be scored in the Racer of Year contest.  We run the mile and 5K twice, scoring the best of the two. We will run the 800m and 3000m as a scoring event just one time.

See THIS PAGE for proposed Racer of the Year events.