Old Club Photos

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This is a picture of our club president, the esteemed Walter Van Zant . He is the primary contributor to the quarterly newsletter – most of the sarcasm for instance. Walt used to be a pretty fair runner, but that was quite some time ago. We affectionately refer to him as “our leader”, “the dictator”, “president-for-life”, and some other things best left off this page….
Walt Club President, Walt

…our treasurer is Norry McAllister.
Norry Club Treasurer, Norry

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1998 Silicon Valley Marathon
Joe Hurtado

Track workout (May, 1999) at West Valley College
Rich Stiller, Joe Hurtado, Jake White, Stan DeMartinis and others.

June 1999 – Step Up – Step Down Track Workout
Kelly Emo & Matt Bordoni , Moon Handoff Jim Myers , Norm Saucedo & Todd Hayes
Ray Russell & Scott Bang , Terri Kinsch & Madelyn Moon looking cool!
Marion (bwana) Carter , Ed Tico & Ray Russell

Mile on track (June, 1999) – start for “Top Guns”.

Holy City (June, 1999)
Rick Kananen at the finish.
Stan DeMartinis on the road.

Western States Endurance Run (100 miles in July, 2000)
Todd Hayes

Corporate Nationals (Aug, 2000)
Marian Richard and Walt Van Zant warming up!

May be a high school race – Danielle Zelinski , number 1322

Run From (oops, that’s For) The Law
Cecil Baumgartner, Georgia & Tim Riley, Rick Kananen , Chris Hallen, Tim & Georgia

Floyd, Katie, Becki, Walt (Dec, 2000).

Trophy winner (Dec 23, 2000)
Chris Hallen

5K at West Valley (Feb 3, 2001)
Start , Robert “Slim” Pickens wins the race and trophy.

Fifty-Plus 8K at Stanford (Mar, 2001)
(standing) Rod MacKinlay, John Pickens, Rick Kananen, Fred Martin, Joe Hurtado, Terri Kinsch, Madelyn Moon, Howard Powers, (seated) Helen MacKinlay, Danny Moon, Ruby Hurtado, Georgia Riley

Holy City (Jun, 2001)
Jim Myers & Chris Hallen , Scott Zavack Walt Cole , Robert “the winner” Pickens
Becki Kriege, Rich Hahn, Joe Hurtado & Walt VanZant , Tom Zades , Rich Hahn
Mike McMahon , Bill Flodberg , Dave Norlander , Bob Meyer , Pauline Beatty
Sue Francis , Joe Hurtado , Dena Noble , Dick Chimenti

Dan Dunston wins Barrett Trophy (Jun 30, 2001).

Capital Mile guys (July 1, 2001)
Some team members
“Slim” Pickens & Tim O’Rourke sprint to the finish.

Sally Plank wins Barrett Trophy with help from daughter, McKayla (Jul 7, 2001).

Western States 100 (June 23-24, 2001)
Todd at Cougar Rock and Cecil at Forresthill (“boy you look dirty” – “oh yea!”).

Stan wins trophy (“It was a piece of cake!” July 28, 2001).

Pickens brothers win trophy (Aug 11, 2001).

Lockheed’s team at the Corporate Track meet in Seattle (Aug, 2001)
Ralph & Joe make their move in the 10K – both won their age group.
President’s relay – John Bronson in the 800. Relay team with Ralph & Joe
Senior relay – Joe Hurtado in the 400. Masters relay – Danny comes from 4th in the 200 to take 2nd.
Lockeed team receiving award from Olympian Lee Evans.

30th Annual Club Handicap Race (Sept 8, 2001)
Danny – first place , Tom – second place , Mike – third place , Helen – fourth place , Dena – fifth place
Madelyn – last place , Sue & Cecil , Dick , Danny & Madelyn , breakfast , breakfast
The hosts – Rich & Judy Collins , Officials – Walt & Stan

Helen PRs and wins trophy (Sept 15, 2001).

Dan & Rick win trophy (Sept 22, 2001).

Humboldt Half Marathon (Oct 21, 2001)
Robert Pickens , Brian Davis , Dan Sauers , Joe Hurtado , Dave Norlander

Run for the Law (Nov 4, 2001)
WVJS Group , Award Winners

Awards Dinner (Feb 9, 2002) receiving awards , dining

Valle Vista (Feb 16, 2002) Ken Noel , our aging hippie. Scott Bang wins trophy.

Paris Half Marathon (Mar 10, 2002) Dave and Becky Norlander after the finish.

The Great Race (Apr 7, 2002) Start , Don Packwood , Linda Legregni , Cecil with Georgia & Pauline in background.

70th birthday celebration (Apr 17, 2002) for “Papa” Ken at the burger joint.

2002 Handicap Race
Andy Lief , Dave Norlander , Helen Wong , Georgia Riley , Madelyn & Walt , Missy & Anil , Don Dugdale , Don Packwood , Dave McIntyre & Scott , Jake White , Kelly Emo , Rich Stiller , Rick & Walt , and Joe Hurtado .

2003 Club Banquet
Welcome , Ken presenting “fun” awards, Unknown Runner , Kelly & Danny , Tom presenting, Walt presenting, Jim & Joe & Don , Racers of the Year – Becki & Robert , Division Champs – Pauline & Georgia & Cecil & Todd & Don & Robert , Becki , Sue & Cecil , Scott & Kelly , Stan , Madelyn & Mike & Danny , Tim & Georgia .

Mathew and his Mom (May 24, 2003) – got those braces removed!

Holy City (June 8, 2003)
Getting readyAt the start lineHard working volunteerThe winnersThe awards presentationThat’s our last Holy City!

Fleet Feet Mile (July 13, 2003)
Uncle DannyMissyBeckiMikeGilbertAl & GilJohannaCarolSlimKellyRichThe Gang

2003 Handicap Race with winner

Jamba Juice 5K (Sept 21, 2003) Big RunnersYoung RunnersLittle Runners

Paso Robles 10K (Sept 28, 2003) GuysGalsStart

2004 Club Banquet
Introduction by Rich Stiller, MC , then singer Scott Bang and swingers Danny Moon, Kelly Emo & Rich. Racers of the year Jim Bordoni & Melissa Sudan. The Unknown Runner, and Division Winners , then Marcia Morrison gets award. Tom Warfel presents Runner awards. WVJS Hall of Fame selections Ken Napier & Walt VanZant. Kelly & Danny wrap it up.

Holy City (June 20, 2004)
Overall winnersDave wins clydsdale division – Ephraim finishing – Men’s winnerWomen’s winner.

Alternate Club Photo (Sept 18, 2004) and prior club photo (July, 2002).

Holister Mile (October 31, 2004).

Cal 10 (January 9, 2005)
Jim Bordoni, Andy Williams, Becki Kriege, Dan Anderson, Dennis Kurtis, Hank Lawson, Jeff Bedolla, Joe Hurtado, Kari Cornwell, Kat Powell, Ken Noel, Mike Toney, Tom O’Connor.

2005 Club Banquet
MCs intro.Tom’s presentation.Special award, Service award and Unknown Runner award.Lifetime Achievement awards to Walt, Ken and Stan.Runners of the Year and Division Winners.Awards one, two, three and four.

HP 10K (April 17, 2005)
Slim’s finishing kick.Becki and Jeff.Bob and Joe.

Zippy’s 5K (May 8, 2005)
Slim & Kat, Bill Dunn, Dick.Winners – MenWomen

Marin Memorial 10K (May 30, 2005
Norm & Slim, Eddie, Mark & Tom, Mark, Bob & Tom

Holy City (June 19, 2005)
The Lease Family (Cheryl, Sarah, Phillip, Damon), Dimitri (got lost) Stefanidis, The Kriege Winners, The Awards go on and on, Some of the other winners

Track Mile (July 2, 2005)
Start, Tom Z, Rich, Kelly, Chris & Joe, Jake W, Ed, Ken, Helen, Uyenthi

Davis Mile (July 10, 2005)
Angela Sterns Half & Finish, Open Women Start, Becki & Johanna, Becki Start & Half & Finish, Johanna Half, Forty Start, Mike Start & Half & Finish, Jeff Half & Finish, Senior Start, Slim Start & Half & Finish, Tom Start & Half & Finish, Bill Half, Jim Half & Finish, Mark Half & Finish, Neil Half & Finish, Dick Half & Finish, Joe Finish, Bob Half, Ken Half, William Half, Ed Half

Dammit Run (Aug 19, 2005)
Chris & Jeff, Robert & Dave

XCountry Championship (Nov 6, 2005)
Guys after the race

Clarksburg 30K (Nov 13, 2005)
The Pickens Boys, Dave Norlander, Johanna, Eddie, Bob & Joe, Slim, John, Neil and Gail

Cal10 (Jan 8, 2006)
Eddie Reyna, Mike Kolesnik, Tom O’Connor & Jim Howe.

Banquet 2006 (Jan 21, 2006)
Dave & Michelle McIntyre, Danny & Madelyn Moon, The Pickens brothers with Mom,
Slim & Dave, Racers of the Year.

A Visit from Down Under (May 20, 2006)
Bob Rea wins the trophy,
Bob and some old pals.

WVJS Runners (Sept 2, 2006) at the Empire Open XC Race and
UCSC XC Challenge Masters Champions.

Robert, Mike, Andy, Jeff, Yuki, and Tom (Sept 30, 2006) at the Garrin Park XC Challenge.

Mike Gruber (Oct 15, 2006) running the Humboldt Half Marathon.

(Oct 21, 2006) 11 of the 18 WVJS Men at Shoreline XC and
Top of the Hill at Shoreline.

(Nov 4, 2006) The WVJS team are Fleet Feet Open XC Mens Masters Champions.

(June, 2007) Becki with broken foot – probably overtraining! She wasn’t able to participate in this year’s Holy City Run.

(Sept 6, 2008) Golden Gate Park XC team.

(Oct 25, 2008) Some of our team at the Shorline XC race.

We’ve pretty much stopped adding photos here since it’s become so easy to distribute photos over the Internet.

Oops – here’s another of Tom Warfel and his special pancake at the Country Inn (Mar 27, 2014) and another of a winning relay team (Robert Navarrete, Bob Kemp, Norry McAllister, and Mark Goldman – Mar 9, 2019)