West Valley Joggers & Striders Information

General Information

WVJS is a USATF registered running club (number 117) that provides a number of running oriented activities including fielding teams for the annual Pacific Association USATF Championships. This year we are fielding Men’s and Women’s Open Teams, Men’s and Women’s Masters (40+) Team, Men’s and Women’s Seniors (50+) Teams, Men’s Super Seniors (60+) Team, and a Men’s Veteran (70+) Team. Our Men’s Masters, Seniors, Super Seniors, and Veterans Teams have raditionally been among the top in PA/USATF. See the history page for more information. There are about 150 club members of varying ages, running interest, and talent. Annual dues are $20 ($30/family). A newsletter is published approximately every 3 months with schedules and results of workouts and races of all club members.

Weekly Activities

Saturday Workouts

We meet at West Valley College (Fruitvale Avenue in Saratoga) at 7:30am each Saturday (see aerial view on home page). At 7:30 sharp, we leave on a three mile warm-up run returning to the college before 8am at which time the event of the week is started. Every two weeks one of 6 pre-measured road races is run. The distances vary from 2.75 miles to 5.74 miles (all courses involve some hills). On alternate Saturdays a handicapped relay event is held – usually on the West Valley track or campus. Runners of equal ability are paired and handicapped to all finish together. The workout usually ends by 9am at which time the Dick Barrett Trophy is presented. Many club members then meet for breakfast at one of the restaurants along Saratoga Ave.


USATF Team Activities

The club regularly fields Men’s and Women’s teams to compete in the PA/USATF annual LDR and Cross Country competitions. Our team number is 117. LDR PA/USATF Championship races are generally held at most common distances from 1 mile to the marathon. Races are held at various locations throughout Northern California and Nevada. Teams consist of 3 to 5 individuals in the  appropriate age group.

Cross Country races are usually in the 4-6K range and are  held in the extended San Francisco Bay Area.

Internal Club Competitions

Racer of the Year.

Club members are categorized into one of five divisions depending on their ability. The A Division consists of runners who can run a 10K in under 39:00 or those runners so designated by “the committee”; B Division runners can run under 43:00; C Division runners can run under 48:00; D Division runners can run under 52:00; and E Division runners can run a 10K at 52:00 and over.

A number of races are designated “Racer of the Year” events. The competition is held in these events within each division. The individual in each division with the best time in that event scores 25 points, the 2nd best time scores 24 points, etc. Each individual’s best 8 events for the year  count toward the competition.

“Racer of the Year” events consist of a number of road races at distances from 5K to Half Marathon as selected by vote of club members each year, and the WVJS Halloween Relays, the fastest Saturday morning Farwell course run of the year, the fastest marathon of the year, the fastest Saturday morning track mile (scheduled twice each year), the fastest total of the six Saturday morning races.

Saturday Cumulative Contest

Within each division the runner with the lowest overall total of their best time in each of the six Saturday race courses wins the award.

Runner of the Year

Each club member earns 1 point for every mile run through the year and 20 points for showing up at a Saturday  workout. Those earning 1,500 points get a bronze certificate, those earning 2,500 points get a silver certificate, and those earning 3,500 points get a gold certificate.

Annual Events

Awards Banquet

An Awards Dinner-Dance is usually held in January featuring serious annual awards from the above contests as well as some less-than-serious awards.

Boston Marathon

Most years some club members go back to run the Boston Marathon and gather for war stories and dinner after the race.

Annual Handicap Race

Every summer the club has a 3+ mile race for members that is handicapped to give everyone an equal chance of  winning. The event is held on a Saturday morning followed by a breakfast prepared by Rich and Judy Collins. See  history and winners. Full results are found in each year’s archive.

Club Valentine Team Race

On a Saturday near Valentine’s day we hold a team race, consisting of fairly equal 4-man teams.  The placing of the teams is based upon the total of the finishing places of the members of each team.  The top teams receive boxes of Valentine candy as their awards.

Lake Merced Xmas Relays

The club usually puts together multiple teams for this annual race held at Lake Merced in San Francisco.